Statement: Andrea McIntyre

Polymorphism |ˌpäliˈmôrˌfizəm|

the occurrence of something in several different forms

The relationships and connectivity between mankind and the environment is a predominate theme throughout Andrea McIntyre’s work as a student and practicing artist. The aim for this series was to explore the notion that mankind and the environment are one in the same, and therefore should be viewed the same. To represent this idea, she focused using macro photography on subjects; human, plant and animal, that mimicked shapes and patterns found when looking at the earth from a topographical view. Through the use of macro abstraction, she wishes to modify the viewers’ perception of these objects in hopes that during this state of not knowing what they are looking at, the viewer will look for alternative conclusions/interpretations, melding the gaps between mankind and environment allowing the two to be viewed the same.

The inclusion of topographic maps augments the idea of equality between mankind and the environment. Mapping is a universal language, and the inclusion of such dialogue pushes the idea that if one can map a landscape, one can map anything, thus resulting in polymorphous.