Statement: Josué Prince

The World As Will and Representation

Josué Prince’s work strives to explore the dialectic function of lens-based media over a spectrum of cross-media practices. Through the use of aesthetic and theoretical strategies, the work purposes to capture and manufacture an eidetic experience for the viewer. Through these interdisciplinary approaches his work addresses questions of place and identity as well as theoretical and philosophical investigations.

The World As Will and Representation is a body of work treating ideas of the sublime and memento mori. The selection of images is intended to elicit a sense of insignificance in the face of something awe-inspiriting and terrifying while at the same time drawing out an awareness of death as the viewer becomes conscious of his/her physical limitations. His work purposes to discuss the sublime, as well as its undeniable connection to death, and allow the viewer to enter into a pre-linguistic experience through the use of landscape, icons and art historical references.