Statement: Kimberly Mae Fiedler

Kimberly Mae Fiedler’s thesis work explores the two-sided relationship and interconnectedness of the suburban landscape and those who live therein. This has been explored through the use of the camera obscura because of its inherent layering of interior and exterior images. As the outside is brought inside, the projection created is distorted as it sprawls out across interior objects in its path. The interior is affected equally as much as this unusual quality of light illuminates some areas with saturated colors while others are cast into indistinguishable darkness.

Each room in the series is presented with the exterior, suburban landscape right side and the interior bedroom upside down. This emphasizes the importance of the landscape and the interruptions that it both causes and creates as its rigid and mundane structure is faced with contrastingly personal spaces. Here, the camera obscura blends the outside and inside to create a new environment that becomes abstracted by color, form, and light which direct what is invisible and what can be seen.