Statement: Nicole Torres

Potential Histories

Explorations involving themes of Identity, Relationships, Meanings and Metaphors can be found throughout much of my work. Potential Histories Investigates within both interior and exterior-constructed landscapes creating a narrative that brings the viewer into a world of familiarity charged with an absence of a presence, ultimately giving the viewer a window to peek into the lives of others both literally and figuratively without it feeling intrusive due to the absence of the owners. Focusing the attention to one apartment building in the downtown Toronto core allows a broad range of owners and lifestyle to build history in the spaces. A collected portrait of the owners created by the signs of life and objects they have left behind them, create a portrait of both the spaces and the potential owners, while both informing each other(space and owner). The lack of information given in the surrounding darkness is meant to encourage curiosity, and persuade the viewer to further investigate each space, allowing them to examine the history and meaning held in each portrait.